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Day Before Us | Forthcoming album, digifiles | Early Spring 2014 | Child of a new light


1. The blood out of a mother’s breast
2. First tears at dusk
3. Child of a new light
4. The ecstatic search
5. Wounded angels
6. Silences initiatiques

Digifiles,  edition of 50, TMR-oo1, relesase date: April 2014

All tracks written and recorded by Day Before Us between September 2013 and March 2014.

Philippe (Instruments and electronic devices) and Effrosyni (Vocals and lyrics)

Mastered by Giuseppe Verticchio. Artwork by Jana Brike, from original sketches exhibited at Stephen Romano Gallery (NY)

This EP will present a vigorously spiritual music immersion through deep and epic droning vibes, poignant acoustic timbres and texturally powerful ambiences sustained by evocatively emotional vocal parts in a classical neo-folk / poetical narrative mood. A delicately heart-warming musical dedication about a sense of “lostness” in endless time and space with a meaningful connotative symbolical relief.

Day Before Us is a neo-tonal music act and semi-acoustic dark ambient project formed in 2011 by Philippe Blache, signed on a number of independent labels for several limited edition physical releases. The sound signature embraces diversified textures with classical piano, guitar and electronics around a musically defined experience of melancholy (in its fundamental spiritual version). Until recently Day Before Us music has been almost exclusively instrumental. Effrosyni Papamichalopoulou has newly joined the musical entity to reinforce the lyrical elements.

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