Glad to announce that the label is programming new small hand-made editions for this next autumn

TMR002:  David Newlyn (UK) –  The Airless Silence (June ’87)

This work delivers  intimate and heart-touching soundtracky ambient tales. Discreet avant-garde elements meet modern minimalism and droney vibes for acoustic instruments and electronic arrangements. 11 dreamlike, fragile and mysteriously beautiful music miniatures that will ravish fans of David Newlyn’s unique “sound-art” production. Previous efforts from the artist are available here: http://davidnewlyn.bandcamp.com/

TMR003: Xu & Rooms delayed (Ita) – Seaweeds

This work is the result of a brilliantly inspiring musical dialogue between two contemporary ambient artists Nicola Fornasari (Xu) and Vincenzo Nazzaro (Rooms delayed). They have published digital-physical albums for a number of net-labels (Eilean Rec, HAZE, Monkey Records…). Multi-faceted and dreamily introspective, “seaweeds” reveals a vast array of processed acoustic experiments, e-guitar drone hypnosis, distorted ominous driftscapes and somnanbulent minimal melodious themes in a very personal and elegant way. The conceptual background is based on poetical nature sketches inspired by the moving, caving, swelling see world. Compelling guitar ambient dreaminess.

http://www.substance.it/  http://roomsdelayed.bandcamp.com/


TMR004:  Script of a journey through the time-image (Fr) – s/t

“Script of a journey to a mirage hall” is an inter-textually and contemplative musical experience about the metaphoric device of “paramnesia”, a phenomenon which represents the illusion of a lost souvenir lived as a known scenario which is nothing less than the actualization of a virtual image. The album is accompanied and inspired by the stunning imaginary world of the photographer Piero Roi. This effort presents a blissed-out and infinitely blurry musical sadness based on Philippe Blache (Day Before Us) lonely drifting soundscapes and melancholic piano patterns. http://www.discogs.com/artist/2707831-Philippe-Blache

Stay tuned !


About triplemoonrecords

Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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