[TMR003] OUT NOW !!!!



available at: https://triplemoonrecords.bandcamp.com/


1) the shore
2) marsh maze
3) photic zone
4) seaweed
5) tidal flat
6) a white fringe

Xu (Nicola Fornasari)
piano loops / bowed, hammered and processed piano / tape hiss / fx and looper pedals

Rooms Delayed (Vincenzo Nazzaro)
electric and acoustic guitars / e-bow / fx and looper pedals

Composed by Nicola Fornasari and Vincenzo Nazzaro from July to October 2014.
Mixed and produced by Nicola Fornasari during October 2014.

Nicola Fornasari: http://www.substance.it/
Vincenzo Nazzaro: http://roomsdelayed.bandcamp.com/


About triplemoonrecords

Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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