::: Triple Moon Records early & mid 2015 editions :::

After the exquisite deep sound art collaboration between Nicola Fornasari (Xu) / Vincenzo Nazzaro (Rooms Delayed) and David Newlyn’s old tape reissue the label will be back with two editions for this new year.


[TMR004] Script of a journey through “the time-image”
“Script of a journey through the time-image” is an inter-textually and contemplative musical experience about the metaphoric device of “paramnesia”, a phenomenon which represents the illusion of a lost souvenir lived as a known scenario which is nothing less than the actualization of a virtual image. The album is accompanied and inspired by the stunning imaginary world of the photographer Piero Roi. This effort presents a blissed-out and infinitely blurry musical sadness based on Philippe Blache (from the project “Day Before Us”) lonely drifting soundscapes and melancholic, detached or perpetuum like piano patterns. The contemporary poet Jessica Peace, the sound artist and critic Davide Riccio will take care of treated vocals / narratives freely linked to the whole concept. This edition will be out around February 2015. Digital + limited CDR copies.

[TMR005] Ben Rath – A drop in the ocean
Triple Moon Records proudly presents the work of Ben Rath, a young avant-garde post-rockin ambient artist located in Great Britain. Multi-instrumentalist and electronic sound sculptor, Ben Rath delivers in this full length release an original, engaging and puzzling serie of dreamily colorful soundscapes. A bunch of deeply emotional motifs, restful harmonies, buzzed-out resonances, languorous, fragile and luminously shoegazing textures for manipulated acoustic-electric instruments make this work a pretty moving experience. High musical standard and totally classy poetical sound excursions that will ravish and enthrall your meditative listening aptitude. This edition will be out around March 2015. Digital + limited CDR copies.

About triplemoonrecords

Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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