OUT SOON, Where is everybody else ? by Belaqua Shua



Belaqua Shua is a young but solidly skilled and distinctive project formed by Pier Giorgio Storti and based in Italy. His musical signature offers a perfectly lovely and intimate corpus of soaring minimalist instrumentals, mostly for acoustic instruments (cello, clarinet, harmonium, balalaika, zither, accordion, guitars) and looped textures. Avant-folk touches, mysterious vocals and whispers punctuate the ensemble. The name of this project comes from Dante’s Purgatory through Beckett various works and it’s referred to a vision he had when he was very young.

Where is everybody else? is Belaqua Shua first solo album and it has been recorded in a small house of stones upon the hills of Lunigiana, north of Italy, between the fall 2014 and the summer 2015.The voices that appear in the music belong to the French film maker Joan Loizeau, the Italian Hellenist Angelo Tonelli, the songwriter Davide Landini, and Belaqua himself as he was nearly two years old.

Incredibly rich and immersive , the collection of pieces gathered in this upcoming full length offers slow motion dreamscapes, meditatively droning, ritualistic, narrative, sometimes sorrowing or trancelike. Lovers of inspired post-rockin / modern classical / weird heathen folk experiments won’t be disappointed and will find in this album a little masterwork. Available mid-october 2015 this edition will be strictly limited to 35 copies, assorted by a digital version in lossless files format

Pier Giorgio Storti  is also a current member of the italian band Morose, they recorded three official album in English and two in Italian for Italian and French labels, toured Italy and Europe, especially France and shared stage with different musicians such as The Microphones, Okkervil River, Mi and L’au, Baby Dee, among others.

Belaqua’s music @ https://soundcloud.com/belaqua-shua

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Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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