TMRecords Spring editions (2)


The neoclassic and dark ambient project Day Before Us will be welcome for a new EP. Formed by Philippe Blache in 2011 this musical entity is known for its physical releases respectively published on Twilight Records, Rage in Eden and OPN, distributed by Cold Spring, Malignant…To the menu, poignant musical thematics orientated to consonant-euphonic sound textures, wandering holy minimalism and lyrical figures. Russian based singer-writer Natalya Romashina* who was featured on the last LP «Prélude à l’âme d’élégie» will make a new appearance of redeeming and compelling beauty. The conceptual background will implicitly deal with symbolical naturalism and existential concerns. Artwork will be based on the work of Christer Karlstad.

* Natalya Romashina is a multifaceted artist and lyrical singer based in Cheboksary. Graduated at the faculty of Arts in 2014. Her stylistic singing range embraces classical / baroque music repertoire (from Rimsky Korsakov to Handel, Bach, Purcell, Scarlatti…) and contemporary music (neo folk, ethereal wave and symphonic metal). She devotes herself to art photography and poetical writings, mostly inspired by the magical realism and the contemplative representation of nature. She is also a member of the Russian union of writers (RUW). (Source: “Prélude à l’âme d’élégie” LP, press release)

Lmtd craft-based / hand decorated cd edition, to be released in late May or early June 2016

Day Before Us BC page:

excerpt taken from the EP to come:

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