Shimmering moods podcast, featuring Triple Moon records

Track list:

Xu – Random walk (Eilean) [00:01]
Matteo Uggeri – Solfeggio n°33 / we are the fog (Scissor Tail) [4:55]
Belaqua Shua – Peleiades (Triple Moon) [14 :40]
Ben rath – Innocent (Triple Moon) [18 :40]
D’ora stella – Specchiarsi, tra fronde (Old Bicycle) [26:00]
Parallelism – Sun rise (Shimmering Moods) [28:10]
James Landis – Evening Light (Cathedral Transmissions) [33:20]
Stefano De Ponti – Blindman’s bluff (Old Bicycle) [3 :15]
Day Before Us – Talk Room (Opn)[40 :30]
Sima – Lento non tento (Cathedral Transmissions) [41:48]
Stefan Christoff – Silver organ (Old Bicycle) [43:20]
Yuco – One nine three (Cathedral Transmissions) [47:00]
The new water colors society – Gently Faded but faded nontheless (Cathedral Transmissions) [49:10]
Script of a journey through the « time-image » (Blache/Peace) – Arbour, hill (Triple Moon) [50:50]’

About triplemoonrecords

Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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