Interview with Gamardah Fungus


Gamardah Fungus is a duo of sound designer Igor Yalivec and guitarist Sergei Yagoda from Ukraine. Their music is eclectic, improvisational and atmospheric, full of field recordings, which the musicians collect by themselves. It is on the verge of drone ambient and electro-acoustics, based on the Zen philosophy, meditation and travels to the subconscious of the listeners. Besides guitars and synthesizers, the band often uses rare and strange musical instruments with a long history. Over the past few years their music was released all over the world, including Australia, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and more.

– What is your musical background and how did you decide to produce your own materials in the first place?

We started working together on Gamardah Fungus in 2009. But both of us has been engaged in music since childhood. Before starting our joint project, we tried ourselves in different musical genres – from punk, grunge and jazz to idm and even drum’n’bass. We have been looking for ourselves for a long time and we were always interested in investigating new borders of already known approaches to composing music, because what we knew always was not enough for us. We wanted to experiment and create something like a mystical rite – a fragile, but deep product, which would address the very soul of listeners. In addition, we are big fans of such atmospheric composers experimenters as Morton Feldman, Krzysztof Penderecki and Terry Riley. That’s how and why we came to ambient and electro-acoustic music, which, in our opinion, has a huge space for experiments.

– What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music?

Like many other musicians, we do not like to hang labels on our music. Basically we work in the field of electroacoustic and ambient. But there is a lot of influence of many genres, schools and techniques in our works. We use a huge amount of found and self-made devices. For example, Intonarumori made according to Russolo and Laundry schemes, or ancient Aztec death whistle and Tibetan horn Kangling made out of a human femur. We also make field recordings all over the world and add them as decorations in our music. Our newest passions are physical modeling on modular synths inspired by Parmegiani opuses, prepared acoustic instruments inspired by John Cage and free improv microtonal strings playing techniques inspired by Derek Bailey and traditional Indian music.

– What are you currently working on?

Until recently we worked on three projects at once. The first of them is already ready. And in the autumn we will release our most avant-garde and strange album. There you will hear our self-made Intonarumori, a lot of modular synthesizers and absolutely crazy acoustic guitar improvisations. The second project we are now working in is devoted to Asian traditional music (mostly Indian and Iranian). We even plan to visit one of these countries this year to made some field recordings and record a few interesting authentic instruments. The third project is a long meditative play that we want to record for one wonderful Italian label. Now it is at the stage of composition, but I think, very soon we will record it. Also we are always open to play concerts around the world, especially now, when Ukraine has received a visa-free in Europe. So if you wanna make our concert in your country, please write us email to yalivec.igor[at]


Project included on Triple Moon Records compilation V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds. Soon available @

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