Interview with Edoardo Cammisa (aka Banished Pills)


What is your musical background and how have you decide to produce your own music in first place ?

Well, my first approach with music took place many years ago, when I started to play the electric bass. As I was basically a child, I quickly lost all the interest in it, and just in 2013 I started to explore the world of experimental electronic music. I got kind of obsessed with microsounds and the soundscapes of nature, so I recorded every sound I found interesting, without paying attention to an actual melody or a proper use of the field recordings I made. Only in 2014 I got interested in noise and drone music, and I spent much time on recording tons of demos. Now that I’ve been working as a sound designer and composer for Impulse Control (an independent Italian software house) for two years, I’m able to work better on all the projects that I have in mind thanks to the experience and some people that are helping me in this wonderful journey.

What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music ?

First of all, I have to think about a main theme for every project I want to create. I have to decide the genre (that could be noise, drone or electronic ambient) and the feeling that the listener may feel while listening to that music. Then I often start to create my music by starting with several field recordings (in these months I’m still using all the field recordings I made during the past years or I might record something new depending on the project), and I add many layers of drone music or some downtempo tape loops. All the music I make has a purpose, and even if I don’t want to put personal feelings or emotions in it, the result is always very personal. If the listener pays attention while listening to my tracks, he/she will probably understand the emotion I felt while I was making that track. So if I had to describe my works with a single word, I’d definitely choose “mirror”, as it reflects everything I feel.

What are you currently working on ?

I’m currently working on four projects: two of them are collaborations (and the best thing is that one is with my friend, and I want to thank him for this great opportunity and for all the help he’s giving me), then I’m working on a solo project entitled “Truth” that tries to put together tons of voice samples and chaotic noise effects. The strangest project that is involving me during these months still remains untitled, and it’s a weird collaboration with a writer: she’s writing twelve short stories, and every story focuses on a color; then after reading the story and also focusing on that color, I try to create a track that could match with both the story and the color. I wonder what the final result will be!


Banished Pills’ new soundscape will be included on Triple Moon Records compilation V/A: Acquainted with passings clouds. Soon available:


About triplemoonrecords

Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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