Interview with ‘Day Before Us’ vocalist Natalya Romashina


Day before Us is a neoclassical music act and dark ambient project with an interest for the mystical romanticism and symbolical poetry from past to present. The project was formed by Philippe Blache in 2010. Several physical albums have been signed and internationally distributed by Rage in Eden, Cold Spring, OPN, Twilight Records…

1. – What is your musical background and how have you been involved as a singer for Day Before Us?

Being trained classically first as a pianist in the musical school, then as an opera singer at the faculty of arts I have a long-term experience of performing on the stage, a diverse musical background, influences and have been experimenting with some genres of contemporary music (rock, neofolk, symphonic metal…). I’ve joined the project “Day Before Us” in 2015. Since my first listening to the project’s music I’ve been immediately immersed in this ethereal sublime sonority that speaks to me in such a magical, deep-rooted and special way. The vocal parts and lyrics have started to reach my consciousness very airily and are going in a harmonic accordance with the instrumental ones. Suchwise our first hauntingly beautiful and full of atmosphere collaborative song “Voyna Serdtsa” was born and subsequently featured on the next project’s album “Prélude à l’âme d’élégie” published in December 2015. After that we continued our cooperation developing our spiritual musical revelation and becoming a strong creative union.

2. – What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music ?

The dense whirls of  “Day Before Us” compositions find a reflection in  the sounding of nature’s enigmas, echoes of symbolic poetry, ancient myths and mysterious places, lunar cycles and fabulous flights of imagination… Lyrically inspired by these sources Day Before Us aims to be timeless.

We are creating our music as a duet now and keeping on to evolve our mutual musical conception.  Up to this day we’ve released together two more albums: EP “Enlightening Secrecy” (May 2016) and LP “Nihil Interit” (December 2016). Each song is a story and each album has its deep reflective intention.

3. – What are you currently working on ?

During this year we proceed with the new materials for several compilations which will be published on various digital / physical editions. We also pursue to work on our new album that is going to be out at the end of the year. This album will be based on the mysticism of the ambience, influenced by one of the characters in the Slavic mythology…

Until recently we occasionally present our music performing at different concerts, events and meetings around. We’d like to expand this idea and move on this direction being opened to play live.


Day Before Us’ Depicted chronicle new soundscape has been included in the compilation “Acquainted with passing clouds”:


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