Interview with Edoardo Cammisa (aka Banished Pills)


What is your musical background and how have you decide to produce your own music in first place ?

Well, my first approach with music took place many years ago, when I started to play the electric bass. As I was basically a child, I quickly lost all the interest in it, and just in 2013 I started to explore the world of experimental electronic music. I got kind of obsessed with microsounds and the soundscapes of nature, so I recorded every sound I found interesting, without paying attention to an actual melody or a proper use of the field recordings I made. Only in 2014 I got interested in noise and drone music, and I spent much time on recording tons of demos. Now that I’ve been working as a sound designer and composer for Impulse Control (an independent Italian software house) for two years, I’m able to work better on all the projects that I have in mind thanks to the experience and some people that are helping me in this wonderful journey.

What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music ?

First of all, I have to think about a main theme for every project I want to create. I have to decide the genre (that could be noise, drone or electronic ambient) and the feeling that the listener may feel while listening to that music. Then I often start to create my music by starting with several field recordings (in these months I’m still using all the field recordings I made during the past years or I might record something new depending on the project), and I add many layers of drone music or some downtempo tape loops. All the music I make has a purpose, and even if I don’t want to put personal feelings or emotions in it, the result is always very personal. If the listener pays attention while listening to my tracks, he/she will probably understand the emotion I felt while I was making that track. So if I had to describe my works with a single word, I’d definitely choose “mirror”, as it reflects everything I feel.

What are you currently working on ?

I’m currently working on four projects: two of them are collaborations (and the best thing is that one is with my friend, and I want to thank him for this great opportunity and for all the help he’s giving me), then I’m working on a solo project entitled “Truth” that tries to put together tons of voice samples and chaotic noise effects. The strangest project that is involving me during these months still remains untitled, and it’s a weird collaboration with a writer: she’s writing twelve short stories, and every story focuses on a color; then after reading the story and also focusing on that color, I try to create a track that could match with both the story and the color. I wonder what the final result will be!


Banished Pills’ new soundscape will be included on Triple Moon Records compilation V/A: Acquainted with passings clouds. Soon available:

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Interview with Angelo Guido (From

13239887_10154818531768492_3010939866931782982_n.jpg is a one-man experimental music project formed by Angelo Guido from Brindisi, Southern Italy. His music combines elements of ambient, noise, drone and field recordings.

What is your musical background and how did you decide to produce your own materials in the first place?

I started playing guitar about ten years ago and, frustrated to be part of inconclusive bands, three years ago I finally started my solo project with the intention to combine elements of ambient, noise, drone and field recordings. Influenced by ambient, post-rock and drone music, I really love psychedelic music (especially Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd) and experimental/electronic music projects as Labradford, Pan American, Loscil, Gavin Bryars, Brian Eno, Éliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Machinefabriek, Aidan Baker, Phill Niblock and Tim Hecker. Other great sources of inspiration, even though it may seem surprising considering my musical sound, are Sonic Youth,, Fugazi, The Mars Volta, Animal Collective, Slowdive, Low, Codeine, Einstürzende Neubauten, Faust, Dinosaur Jr, Panda Bear, Ramleh, Sigillum S, Zoviet France, Maurizio Bianchi, Can, Jackie O’Motherfucker and many others.

What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music?

About my music, I can say that dark and atmospheric ambient sounds are mixed with noise elements, isolationist drones and obscure guitar movements. The soundscapes, created with keyboards and drone machines built by myself, really stand out. There’s not a plan: In principle, I like to create atmospheric soundscapes with guitars and synthesizers and then add everything else.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a new album with my friend Paolo Colavita a.k.a. Skag Arcade and on a mysterious, secret work for eight hands. Goes on, of course, my solo research

website: new soundscape will be included on Triple Moon Records compilation V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds. Soon available @ past edition signed by Triple Moon Records:

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Interview with Tim Rowe


Tim Rowe is a passionate London based sound artist who published a number of albums (digital + ltd editions) in the abstract, experimental and minimal ambient music field.

What is your musical background and how did you decide to produce your own materials in the first place?

I started playing music when my mum bought me an old, upright piano. I was sent to piano lessons, but they ended when the teacher learned that I was playing by ear, rather than reading the notes. I wrote songs with a friend in my teens and learned the guitar and we formed a band. I was the lead vocalist in our band as no one else would sing. I briefly had a very bad publishing deal and had two songs published in the UK. I think the royalties amounted to 10 Pence. I got married and had kids and stopped making music for about fifteen years. Around 2012 I considered using my laptop to create music again. Although I have an eclectic taste in music, I had long been a fan of both Ambient and “Looped” music so these were the areas I began to explore creatively. I bought a copy of Ableton Live. For me, using it was really like painting or sketching with sounds & samples.

What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music?

My compositional process is actually very simple: I find a sound that I like – be it a VST preset or a sample that has been tweaked, add some filters and affects, and record. Then I find another sound or sample and do the same, and usually find a way of allowing the output of both tracks to “bleed” into one another harmonically – much in the same way a watercolour painting might do if the paint was very dilute and would spread over the paper into another colour.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I have ditched Windows and OS X in favour of Linux, so most of my music-making tools have changed entirely. I am currently experimenting with new software. I expect this will somewhat influence both the way I compose and the resulting musical output – which I find exciting.


One Tim Rowe’s soundscape will be included on Triple Moon Records compilation V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds. Soon available @

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Interview with Gamardah Fungus


Gamardah Fungus is a duo of sound designer Igor Yalivec and guitarist Sergei Yagoda from Ukraine. Their music is eclectic, improvisational and atmospheric, full of field recordings, which the musicians collect by themselves. It is on the verge of drone ambient and electro-acoustics, based on the Zen philosophy, meditation and travels to the subconscious of the listeners. Besides guitars and synthesizers, the band often uses rare and strange musical instruments with a long history. Over the past few years their music was released all over the world, including Australia, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and more.

– What is your musical background and how did you decide to produce your own materials in the first place?

We started working together on Gamardah Fungus in 2009. But both of us has been engaged in music since childhood. Before starting our joint project, we tried ourselves in different musical genres – from punk, grunge and jazz to idm and even drum’n’bass. We have been looking for ourselves for a long time and we were always interested in investigating new borders of already known approaches to composing music, because what we knew always was not enough for us. We wanted to experiment and create something like a mystical rite – a fragile, but deep product, which would address the very soul of listeners. In addition, we are big fans of such atmospheric composers experimenters as Morton Feldman, Krzysztof Penderecki and Terry Riley. That’s how and why we came to ambient and electro-acoustic music, which, in our opinion, has a huge space for experiments.

– What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music?

Like many other musicians, we do not like to hang labels on our music. Basically we work in the field of electroacoustic and ambient. But there is a lot of influence of many genres, schools and techniques in our works. We use a huge amount of found and self-made devices. For example, Intonarumori made according to Russolo and Laundry schemes, or ancient Aztec death whistle and Tibetan horn Kangling made out of a human femur. We also make field recordings all over the world and add them as decorations in our music. Our newest passions are physical modeling on modular synths inspired by Parmegiani opuses, prepared acoustic instruments inspired by John Cage and free improv microtonal strings playing techniques inspired by Derek Bailey and traditional Indian music.

– What are you currently working on?

Until recently we worked on three projects at once. The first of them is already ready. And in the autumn we will release our most avant-garde and strange album. There you will hear our self-made Intonarumori, a lot of modular synthesizers and absolutely crazy acoustic guitar improvisations. The second project we are now working in is devoted to Asian traditional music (mostly Indian and Iranian). We even plan to visit one of these countries this year to made some field recordings and record a few interesting authentic instruments. The third project is a long meditative play that we want to record for one wonderful Italian label. Now it is at the stage of composition, but I think, very soon we will record it. Also we are always open to play concerts around the world, especially now, when Ukraine has received a visa-free in Europe. So if you wanna make our concert in your country, please write us email to yalivec.igor[at]


Project included on Triple Moon Records compilation V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds. Soon available @

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V/A: Acquainted with passing clouds, OUT SOON (Late May / early June 2017 !!!)


Materials shared on this album consist of a variety of drone sequences, dada-esque collages, aleatoric experimentations, avant-folk, sonic meditations and noise ambient streams with no clearly intentional beginning and end…aural soundscapes and partly electronic  textures with an organic quality. Many artists were already present in past Triple Moon Rec editions. OUT LATE MAY / EARLY JUNE 2017 !!!


  • Morose – Nékya
  • – Torschlusspanik
  • De Ponti & Magni – Medioevo
  • Banished Pills – Collision of two fate shards
  • Alessandro Rizzo / Mario Lino Stancati – Prologo
  • Dyb – Myst
  • Bruno Pezer – Suffix
  • Ben Rath – So it was done
  • David Newlyn – First and last episode
  • Garmadah Fungus – Supernova
  • Tim Rowe – Viridian
  • Day Before Us – Depicted chronicle
  • Xu & Rooms Delayed – Lazy Games

Front cover photography by Maria Marinou “Miia”

TMR online store :

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V/A ::: open call for artists !


V/A – Acquainted with passing clouds

ltd micro edition assorted by digital files. Out summer 2017

Confirmed artists:

  • Tim Rowe
  • David Newlyn
  • Davide Landini & Pier Giorgio Storti (Morose)
  • Xu & Rooms Delayed (Nicola Fornasari / Vincente Nazzaro)
  • Day Before Us (Philippe Blache / Natalya Romashina)
  • Banished Pills (Edoardo Cammisa)
  • Bruno Pezer
  • Dyb (Diego Masarotti)
  • Ben Rath
  • Mariolino Stancati / Alessandro Rizzo
  • Gamardah Fungus
  • Stefano De Ponti
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“Take Black Pills” Album Review – Flux Webzine —

Hi guys, here’s another review of’ “Take Black Pills” by the brilliant Davide Pappalardo for Flux Webzine. Many thanks, as usual, to Alessandro Flux Violante. I would like to remind you that “Take Black Pills” (released by the amazing French label Triple Moon) is still available at the following link: /// /// /// […]

via “Take Black Pills” Album Review – Flux Webzine —

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