Interview with Nina Hoppas


Nina Hoppas is a Paris based sound artist and founder of the experimental / beat-laden industrial project Odio Sis

What is your musical background and how did you decide to produce your own materials in the first place?

In the beginning, i started playing bass guitar and, at last i frustrated to be part of bands. Few months ago i decided to finally started my solo project : Odio Sis. In fact, my music is closest to ambient and drone music. I love experimental electronic music projects, noise and other kind of musics like minimal wave and shoegaze. (Slowdive, Ramleh, Pharmakon, Puce Mary, Trepaneringsritualen, Haus of Arafna, November Növelet AJA, Maurizio Bianchi..and many others.)

What is your compositional plan and how would you define your music?

There’s no plan, i use different combinations when i create soundscape, like bass guitar with effects, keyboards…

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my album and new collaboration with my friends Mario Lino Stancati and Luca Ascari.



About triplemoonrecords

Alternative & Experimental music net-label. Based in France
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